Mrs Wedding Planner provides the finest in luxury wedding and event planning services. Our team organises destination weddings, traditional weddings, and specialised events. Whether you need comprehensive, partial, or month of planning services, Mrs Wedding Planner is prepared to be there every step of the way. Our goal is to create inimitable events that are memorable, detailed, stress-free, and uniquely special. In order to achieve this goal, the Mrs Wedding Planner team uses a three-method approach, always catering to our clients, regardless, if you are a prospective client or part of our more than satisfied returning clientele. Mrs Wedding Planner curates your event ensuring that your dreams and wishes are properly recreated.


At Mrs Wedding Planner, all events are personal. Our team makes sure to listen to you, that is why all events are driven by a complimentary consultation. This initial consultation gives our team the ability to discover what the wants and needs are for your specific event. In wedding planning, every detail is important. So a first consultation discussing your immediate needs, individual interests, as well as your wedding wishes (what you both are dreaming of as a couple) is crucial in sorting out which plans will work best for you. For specialised events, Mrs Wedding Planner uses similar techniques, focusing on what the client seeks to accomplish in hosting their event. After the initial consultation, our team drafts a concise, yet thorough follow-up proposal including monitoring, coordinating, and design services. Upon approval, an informative storyboard detailing overall strategic event planning activity is provided. Never forgetting the importance of your budget, a structured progress timeline that is accountable, scalable, and result-oriented is also provided. Mrs Wedding Planner offers seamless updates on what details our team has executed. 


At Mrs Wedding Planner, our team of experts in multi-cultural luxury events, fully understand that a major key to stress-free event planning is being flexible. The planning of weddings and other specialised events can span a few weeks to over several months, and no two events have the same requirements, so our team always provides flexible arrangements that specially suit each individual client. Whether planning an event at home, in the UK, or hosting an event abroad, from assisting with a couple's marriage registration to RSVP guest management to hospitality and travel arrangements of domestic or international attendees, Mrs Wedding Planner has you covered. Over the years, Mrs Wedding Planner has built a strong reputation based on trust, cultivating a network of exclusive vendors in Europe, Asia, and Africa, seeking out only the best and most reliable experts in their crafts. Although, Mrs Wedding Planner does accept vendor recommendations - all vendors are thoroughly vetted before any involvement in the events of our clients. 


At Mrs Wedding Planner, our professional services are undiminished, no matter when our team gets involved in the planning process, we are proficient - always delivering the highest standard with added value. Using our eye for detail and love for the finer things, our team suggests only our finest wedding and event affiliates, tailoring vendors that complement your taste and meet your expectations. The Mrs Wedding Planner team is also aware of the pitfalls of oversight in event planning, so we always clarify and correct ambiguities or misunderstandings in contractual agreements, promptly meeting deadlines and saving clients the unnecessary stress or additional costs. Our aim is to save our clients money without compromising on quality or luxury. As an added bonus, negotiating comes naturally to our team and the natural benefit to clients are some of the best discounted rates available. Our team ensures that all correspondences during negotiations are made privy to clients, so that clients are informed of all confirmed discounted fees.   

Mrs Wedding Planner

“I am Mrs Wedding Planner because throughout the planning process I am fully committed and happily married to my clients."
 - Rugie Wurie, Founder of Mrs Wedding Planner